iPod Touch Jailbreak Tutorial

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Blackberry and Apple

I made this iPod Touch Jailbreak Tutorial  on April 26th 2011 and I’ve been tested on iPod Touch 2nd Gen (8GB) and 4th Gen with the Green Poison Jailbreak. If the Jailbreak update, you can directly download from the official website.

Do it at your OWN RISK…!!! 🙂


Step 1:

First you must look the compatible Jailbreak for your iTouch:

iPod Touch 1st gen:
3.1.2: spirit
3.1.3: spirit

iPod Touch 2nd gen:
3.1.2: redsn0w, spirit
3.1.3: redsn0w, spirit
4.0: redsn0w, jailbreakme
4.0.2: redsn0w
4.1: redsn0w, greenpois0n
4.2.1: redsn0w, greenpois0n

iPod Touch 3rd gen 8GB:
3.1.2: spirit
3.1.3: spirit
4.0: jailbreakme
4.1: greenpois0n
4.2.1: greenpois0n

iPod Touch 3rd gen 32 & 64GB:

3.1.2: spirit
3.1.3: spirit
4.0: jailbreakme, limera1n, redsn0w
4.0.2: limera1n, redsn0w
4.1: limera1n, greenpois0n, redsn0w
4.2.1: redsn0w (tethered), greenpois0n (untethered)
4.3.1: redsn0w (untethered)
4.3.2: redsn0w (untethered)

iPod Touch 4th gen:
4.1: limera1n, greenpois0n, redsn0w
4.2.1: redsn0w (tethered), greenpois0n (untethered)
4.3.1: redsn0w (untethered)
4.3.2: redsn0w (untethered)

I definitely chose the Green Poison one.


Step 2:

This is the official link for Green Poison Jailbreak.

You can download the latest update jailbreak for your iTouch there.

I made this tutorial using the GP 5.


If you have jailbreaked your iTouch with the redsn0w, you don’t have to restore again. Just run the Green Poison following this tutorial (but you have to uninstall the cydia first).

Now, Let’s begin!

1. Run the Green Poison program and click Jailbreak  (remember to turn off your iTouch before you run the process). Just following the directions to enter the DFU mode.

2. If you are running the program correctly, the jailbreak process will run and in the iTouch screen will display:

unable to find gBdevlist
unable to find fs_mount
unable to find fs_unmount
unable to find fs_load_file
greenp0ison initialized

(don’t be afraid your iTouch crashed, that’s the normal condition. Just wait until the process done)

3. iTouch will boot in verbose mode.

4. After booting, the loader will exist on the home screen.


Step 3:

1. Run the loader and install the cydia (this step will require Internet connection, so go the wifi spot).

2. Wait until downloading cydia completed. After that, the cydia icon will show in the home screen.

3. Enter the cydia application

4. If you’ve been asked “who are you”, choose “user”

5. Wait until the downloading process of packages completed (if error is occurred, usually caused by unstable connection)

6. If you are pop up to choose the “upgrade”, choose the “upgrade essential”

7. Go to tab “Manage” then “Source”

8. Choose “Edit” and “Add”, then type http://cydia.hackulo.us, then add source. If you have been warned, ignore it and just choose add anyway.

9. Search in cydia “appsync” and choose the version which is compatible with the firmware you have.

For iOS 4.x.x -> choose “appsync for 4.0+”

10. Just wait for the process and restart your iPod Touch.


Hoorayyy… You can enjoy the cracked Games and Applications!!!


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