Custom ROM – FirstUA-ROM-v1.1

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Android




How to install (only for FirstUA-Rom-V1.0):

  1. Make a backup of all user’s settings and programs with Titanium Backup
  2. Copy and into your SD card
  3. Flash stock KPH with Odin (if you allready use KPH or other KPH based ROM, you can skip this step)
  4. Go to recovery, flash (If you already use ClockWorkMod, you can skip it)
  5. Reboot into ClockWorkMod, check wipe data/factory reset. (wipe will delete all your data and settings, but it is necessary for stable work of this ROM)
  6. Flash from recovery. System partitions will converted into ext4(dont mount manually anything, all mounting automatically!)
  7. Reboot your phone (first boot will take some time)
  8. Restore your data with Titanium Backup.
  9. That’s all… Do not forget to activate your required tweaks in Tweaks program and reboot 

How to update (from v.1.1 and higher):

  1. Copy FirstUA-Rom-V1.*.zip into your SD card
  2. NO need to do wipe
  3. Flash FirstUA-Rom-V1.*.zip from recovery or CWM Manager (dont mount manually anything, all mounting automatically!)
  4. Reboot your phone.

ROM included all system languages which present in KPH 
Fill free to do wipe after installation, it shouldn’t “kill” the system.
ROM DOESN’T include any warez. All warez app were removed.


What inside:

  1. Deodexed and rooted KPH ROM
  2. ClockWorkMod (from ilarrain, with ketut.kumajaya‘s modifications. I thank them for that!)
  3. Cernel CF-ROOT 3.7 b78 + update (Juwe’s RAM script + CRT animation) (Thanks to ketut.kumajaya)
  4. Extended PowerMenu (from da_jok3r + my little mod) + custom battery with % (Honeycomb)
  5. Removed a lot system appadded a few new app (all seen in screens, plus this ROM included a widget Fancy Widgets and the assembly of desktop wallpapers Fresh Summer)
  6. New Market
  7. Call app with Cyrillic & Latin search + modified MMS.apk (no MMS auto-convert, no recipient restrictions) + custom system fonts (big thanks to Nesud’ba from 4pda)
  8. TwLauncher replaced to Go Launcher EX (the best launcher, IMHO)
  9. Animation Tweak (you will get smooth animations)
  10. CRT animation when you turn on the full animation in settings
  11. Bootanimation CyanogenMod6 (I like it more than CM7)
  12. Added some ringtones, alerts, and alarms



  1. Some cosmetic changes (look in screens)
  2. Include DTA2SD support. Now, go to Tweak manager and check DT: Auto start and reboot. (you need ext* partition on your SD card if you want to use it, if you dont want just forget about it )
  3. Add A2SDGUIKies Air (you can connect you phone to PC for sync via Wi-Fi like in SGS2), Emailapps

If you need to increase battery life try to check CPU: Conservative gov. in Tweak manager and reboot.

As a result, you get a lightfast and stable ROM.
Special thanks to redmaner and MuayThaiFighter8 for update-script from GingerReal.
Sorry for my bad English. )

I am not responsible for your bricked or not working devices. You’re doing it at your own risk!

  1. Hi,
    For FirstUA-ROM-V1.1, I couldn’t update Go Launcher to new version. I got an error.

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